Snake arm Robots

Robots for confined spaces

Nuclear decommissioning
Snake-arm robots form capable nuclear decommissioning toolkit.

Areva demonstrations | Snake-arm technology | Nuclear

LaserSnake demonstrations
Snake-arm robot with a 5kW laser - learn more about the demos

LaserSnake | Nuclear | Snake-Arm Simulator

Snake-arms on the BBC
Sellafield snake-arm robot featured on the BBC

BBC mini-documentary | Sellafield demonstrator | Snake-Arm Simulator


Industrial Applications

OC Robotics has experts dedicated to analysing problems in industrial settings


With the problems of radiation dosage and confined spaces, the nuclear industry is a clear beneficiary of snake-arm technology


OC Robotics is working with aerospace partners to develop a comprehensive toolkit for low access aircraft assembly tasks


Snake-Arm Simulator

Download the free simulation software based on our advanced snake-arm software suite

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Select arm dimensions and number of articulated links appropriate for the required performance

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Define tool appropriate for the required task. Cameras, lights, jetting nozzles, lasers, drills...

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Introduce the snake-arm by OC Robotics Rail&Rotate, mobile vehicle or 3rd party robot

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Actuator pack

Motors and power electronics can be kept accessible and outside the confined or hazardous space

The complete solution

User Interface

Each UI is carefully constructed to the specification and requirements of the client



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