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Oxford MRG - Mobile snake-arm robot

OC Robotics has delivered a snake-arm robot, integrated with a mobile vehicle, to Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG). The 1.5m arm is mounted on an untethered, omnidirectional vehicle, giving it the freedom to explore complex structures that a conventional robot could not.

Powered directly from the vehicle and controlled over Wi-Fi, the snake-arm robot will have a range of tools mounted at the tip. MRG will be using the system to demonstrate their surveying and inspection technologies in applications relevant to hazardous environments where people cannot operate safely.

Development and testing of the system, including new advanced software control techniques, has been carried out under the LaserSnake2 project. The vehicle and arm follow the path driven by the tip, allowing the whole system to investigate cluttered or inaccessible spaces within a wider environment.

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