A fully automated, enhanced surface inspection solution for finished and fielded spool assemblies

Direct line of site access with digital inspection technology

GE’s Deep Cavity Inspection System allows a single operator to perform Eddy Current Inspection and/or “Enhanced FPI Inspection” of deep cavity spools using a fully-automated system for highly repeatable, consistent results.

No borescope, handheld mirrors, light source or pin gauge needed

Historically, spool surfaces have been FPI- and white-light inspected with mirrors or handheld borescopes. Our system eliminates the need for these tools while also providing a full inspection report with images.

Engine Spool Compatibility








Automatic system validation: Light intensity, Positioning and Optical Resolution

White light and UV Inspection capability.

Pixel resolution up to 0.0005 inches.

System Comparison

Specification Typical Borescope System Deep Cavity Inspection System
Automation level Manual Fully automated
Spool rotation Manual Motorized
Spool rotation (360 degrees) No Yes
Camera resolution ~1-2 Mpx 18 Mpx
System validation Manual Automated
Tool tip change Manual Automated
Defect documentation Manual Automated
Measurement ability None Digital on image
Autofocus Manual Digital
Cycle time Long Short
Inspection consistency and quality Human dependent Highly repeatable and consistent results
Digital data None Full inspection report with images

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