GEnx HPT Blade Inspection Toolkit (BIT)

The Future of Inspection

OC Robotic’s BIT technology gives GEnx -1B and -2B customers clear and consistent insight during HPT Stage 1 & Stage 2 blade inspections. Blade Inspectors with integral cameras capture images, with cutting edge AI technology extracting and presenting them for review in an easy-to-consume format. BIT enables the user to measure both lines and areas on blade surfaces, allowing the user to make an accurate assessment of the condition of hardware.


A simple one-hand installation process, with fixed position cameras, provide consistent, high quality images during every inspection.
Blade Inspectors install into the S1 and S2 boroports, and the engine can be rotated either manually by hand or automatically using customer supplied turning tools.


The User Interface (UI), developed with airline inspector feedback, groups images together to reduce operator burden. Operators can flag blades of interest and add notes, which will appear in an automatically generated inspection report at the end of the inspection.


Where measurement of the blade is required, the BIT software enables fast and intuitive line and area defect measurement, with all measurements included in the inspection report.

No Routine Calibration Required

Where traditional borescopes using stereoscopic tips to generate a 3D map of the environment, require regular calibration, the BIT does not.
BIT uses consistent images of the blade and knowledge of the blade geometry to provide a simple measurement process. The tools are shipped with conformance to the resolution requirements of the GE Standard Practises Manual, this can be checked with the included resolution verification gauge.

GEnx HPT Blade Inspection BIT vs BSI

Benefits BIT BSI
Process time Standard Inspection ~ 0.75hrs
Significant Measurement Required ~1.5hrs
Standard Inspection ~ 0.75-1hr
Significant Measurement Required ~4hrs
Inspection Ability All areas of S1B
Screening for concave side of S2B
All areas of S1B
Concave side of S2B
Manpower 1 person 2 personnel
(1 to turn engine, 1 to position borescope)
Reporting Automatic report generation Manual report generation
Data Export Export to USB
Automatic data upload to GE cloud, creating safe & secure backup of inspection data
Export to USB/PC
Engine Turning Tool Compatibility Yes Yes
Calibration No calibration required. Regular calibration intervals
Measurement Capability Freehand and unconstrained:
Line Measurement
Area Measurement
Point to point:
Line Measurement
Area Measurement
Depth Measurement

Safe & Secure Data

Whether all inspection data is required, or simply an overview of highlighted blades & measurements, the BIT UI provides a route to export this data to a customers data management system.
A direct link between the BIT software and the cloud, also provides a safe & secure backup of inspection data.

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