Drive a snake-arm robot at Farnborough Airshow!

Hot on the heels of our recent successes with Areva and LaserSnake, we would like to invite you all to our stand at Farnborough Airshow - come and have a go at driving one of our snake-arm robot systems!

OC Robotics will be exhibiting two live demonstration Explorer snake-arm robot systems at Farnborough International Airshow, from 9th to 13th July 2012 at stand A11 in Hall 1. OC Robotics has been working with Airbus UK and KUKA, developing aerospace robots to deliver end effector packages capable of inspection, drilling, sealing and swaging during the low-access assembly process.

The first system, mounted on an industrial robot, will simulate work within a wing box, with a wing box mounted both vertically and horizontally to mimic current assembly methods. The second system, mounted on a simple rail, is our new hands-on Explorer demonstrator, which will allow delegates to drive a snake-arm robot through a challenging confined-space course. There’s even a prize if the end of the course is reached!

OC Robotics has developed a range of robots suitable for remote controlled operation in confined or hazardous spaces. These snake-arm robots are designed to be long and slender. They are all wire-rope driven with actuators, electronics and motors located in the base of the device. Snake-arm robots do not have prominent elbows that can cause damage to sensitive equipment and they are easily maneuvered into position and retracted back without disturbing their environment.

Notes for the press:

OC Robotics was formed in 1997 and is based in Filton, Bristol in the UK. The vision of the founding Directors, Dr Rob Buckingham and Andrew Graham, is to see innovative robotic systems become a commercial reality. The company now has 12 staff focused on the core areas of business development, design and software. OC Robotics builds robots for a wide range of industries including aerospace, nuclear and security, with customers including Airbus, UK Ministry of Defence, US Department of Defense, Areva, and Sellafield Ltd.

OC Robotics has been featured in many publications including BBC News, CNN, The Financial Times, the International Journal Industrial Robot, Ingenia, The Engineer, Design Products and Applications, Professional Engineering, Machine Design, Engineering Magazine and Flight International. Papers authored by OC Robotics personnel have been presented at conferences all over the world.

Friday, June 22, 2012

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