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Managing Director: Craig Wilson

Technical Director: Andrew Graham

Mechanical Engineers

OC Robotics' talented mechanical design team use a creative approach to find unique solutions to challenging problems through the application of snake-arm technology. We pride ourselves in excellence in design, managing each solution from conception through to reality. Working closely as part of a multi-disciplinary team, we use cutting-edge design, analysis and manufacturing techniques to produce world-leading robotic systems.

With experts in kinematics, dynamics, structural analysis, manufacturing and intricate mechanism design, we are uniquely placed to react quickly to our customers demands to produce practical and reliable solutions to complicated engineering problems.

Electrical Engineers

A specialised team of electronic engineers are experts in controlling the advanced motors that actuate the snake-arms. The engineers at OC Robotics have designed miniature motor controllers enabling them to be housed tightly in with the motors themselves in the actuator pack - vital work for confined spaces.

Electronic engineers also provide solutions to an array of other challenges, from video feeds and lights all the way to control of remote vehicles and other introduction methods.

Software Engineers

OC Robotics uses advanced algorithms and the latest advances in software engineering tools to provide a consistent, safe and well-tested interface to their robots and affiliated hardware. The control software has matured over several years and a unified software architecture is used across all development.