The Complete Solution

Snake-arm robots are vital in solving our clients’ problems, but OC Robotics expertise does not end there. The snake-arms work in conjunction with advanced introduction mechanisms and snake-tip inspection and process tools to comprise the complete solution.


Clients often require that their own tool be delivered by the snake-arm. Whether you require a radiation detector, drill or water-hose, the experts at OC Robotics provide consultation on how to integrate it.


The Rail&Rotate™ may be replaced by a telescopic introduction axis to increase reach or a snake-arm can even be mounted on a mobile vehicle.

Engineers at OC Robotics can also mount snake-arms on 3rd party industrial robots.


OC Robotics has a team dedicated to tool design and process development. Innovation is one of the company’s key strengths, and its engineers have a wealth of experience in designing and realising cutting-edge technology in providing a client with a complete bespoke solution. In addition to snake-arms, successfully delivered contracts have required the design and manufacture of multiple camera, lighting and video-feed systems for inspection. Other delivered solutions include welding, grasping and cutting and various remote vehicles to deliver the robot arms.


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