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OC Robotics provides access solutions for confined and hazardous environments. We design and manufacture snake-arm robots, delivering solutions for industries spanning - amongst others - nuclear, aerospace, medical and security. It has also provided consultancy and analysis services for these sectors.

Robots for confined spaces

Snake-arm robots have a long, slender and flexible design, fitting effortlessly through small openings and around obstacles. Snake-arm robots do not need support from the environment, which means that they can navigate through an open space, avoiding obstacles, carrying tools and conducting work. To learn more about the technology behind our snake-arms, click here.

This video demonstrates the extraordinary range of tasks that a snake-arm robot can perform. If the video won't play, head over to our video downloads page.

Intuitive operation

Control of the snake-arm robot is an important consideration, and one which OC Robotics has perfected over the years. Our proprietary software enables the operator to 'fly' the tip of the snake-arm using a simple joypad, and the control software behind the scenes will ensure that the rest of the snake-arm follows the same path. If the operator avoids an obstacle, the rest of the snake-arm will avoid the obstacle too. This is called nose-following, and you can try it out in our free Snake-Arm Simulator software.

Other control modes are also available to the operator, including automated script-driven or teach-and-repeat modes, or cartesian modes to enable the operator to precisely position the tip of the snake-arm once at the work-site.


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