Snake-Arm Control

OC Robotics uses advanced algorithms and the latest advances in software engineering tools to provide a consistent, safe and well-tested interface to their robots and affiliated hardware. The control software has matured over several years and a unified software architecture is used across all development.

The design and ease of use of the user interface (UI) is of paramount importance to OC Robotics’ clients. Each UI is carefully constructed to the specification and requirements of the client. The UI is a visual layer (called a skin) over the top of the critical control software.

Snake-Arm Simulator

An advanced in-house software suite allows engineers to move between controlling actual snake-arm robots (and associated tools and introduction mechanisms) to running in emulation mode. This is a powerful tool that engineers can use for testing in addition to being an invaluable analysis tool.

A free version of this software, Snake-Arm Simulator, can be downloaded from our website. It includes a number of sizes of snake-arms, in addition to a variety of default environments. Download and install, and control using a gamepad or your keyboard and mouse.

We can also provide versions of Snake-Arm Simulator with your custom environment, optimised snake-arm or additional features. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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