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Whether your requirements are for a snake-arm robot direct from the Explorer Range catalogue, or for a completely bespoke snake-arm and system, OC Robotics can deliver.

1. Define

First define the problem in terms of the confined or hazardous space, and the task that needs to be performed.

2. Design

As a first step to designing a solution, a problem can be analysed by our team of consultants. This analysis might take the form of software simulation, case-studies and mock-ups. Talented mechanical, electronic and software engineers are on hand to design the complete solution.

3. Deliver

OC Robotics has experience in seeing a project through from conception all the way to delivery. Snake-arm solutions are more than just a vision: they are a reality. OC Robotics has delivered robots and has provided consultancy and analysis for industries spanning, amongst others, nuclear, aerospace and security.


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