OC Robotics on the BBC - Made in the West

The BBC's South West Business correspondent Dave Harvey and cameraman Ross James spent a couple of days at OC Robotics to film our most recent project for the mini series Made in the West - a snake-arm robot for decommissioning at Sellafield.

The resulting mini-documentary was shown on BBC Points West on Tuesday 27th September - start the video below to see what happened!

The video was released on the BBC news website on Tuesday 27th September, and has become the most popular regionally-produced BBC video this year.

Sellafield Project

Sellafield requires a dextrous remote handling capability to conduct safe, cost efficient exploration and characterisation of nuclear facilities. Snake-arm robots are general purpose delivery tools for confined space working in hazardous areas. More information on this project can be found on the dedicated case-study page.

Snake-Arm Simulator

Controlling a snake-arm robot is super-easy (I mean, we even let Dave have a go!): why not try it yourself? You can download our Snake-Arm Simulator and use your keyboard and mouse (or a gamepad if you have one, including generic USB and Xbox gamepads) to snake in-between a number of simulated environments: a nuclear cell, a wingbox, a puzzle box and a human body. Select your environment, choose the right snake-arm and explore! The back-end to this software is the same as that used to control the real robot arms, so most of the motions you perform in the simulator can be performed in real life. You can download the setup file from here.

Following OC Robotics developments

You can keep up to date with OC Robotics' latest developments in a number of ways: follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or follow our news blog via its RSS feed. If you have any questions or queries, or would like to use snake-arm robots, then just get in contact.


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