Snake-arm robots join the fight against cancer

Written by TF on Friday, September 21, 2012 at 04:15PM
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If you're not quite sure what a snake-arm robot is, check out the Snake-Arm 101 video on YouTube, or download and play with our Snake-Arm Simulator (Windows only for now).

For a high-res version of the image used in this article and on the BBC website, click here.

Following a successful appearance by OC Robotics' Rob Buckingham at the International Conference on Oncological Engineering in Leeds, BBC News have published an article explaining the merits of using snake-arm robots for surgical procedures.

"Snake robots could be as minimally invasive as possible with today's technology - they would use body orifices or local incisions as points of entry, says Rob Buckingham, managing director at OC Robotics.

They would allow a surgeon to look and "feel" inside the body - by using cameras and extremely sensitive equipment to provide feedback."

To read more, head over to the article at the BBC.

To find out a bit more about using snake-arm robots for surgery check out our previous news item, which describes how a stiff, steerable snake-arm could be used as a platform for natural orifice surgery.

Don't forget that one of the environments in our free Snake-Arm Simulator is a human body. Download it now, and see how easy it is to control a snake-arm robot.

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