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Publications made available by the LaserSnake project partners can be downloaded using the links below.

November 2016

TWI - Residual Beam Effects on Concrete

March 2016

TWI - Use of a diffractive optic for high power laser cutting

OC Robotics, TWI - LaserSnake2: Remote High Powered Laser Cutting in Confined Hazardous Spaces (Waste Management 2016)

January 2016

TWI - Underwater cutting as a decommissioning tool

September 2015

TWI - Assessment of secondary emissions whilst laser cutting 304 stainless steel

January 2015

TWI - Optimisation of Underwater Laser Cutting for Decommissioning Purposes (ICALE0 2014)

June 2014

TWI - New opportunities for laser cutting in decommissioning - both in air and underwater

TWI - Towards a safety case for the use of lasers in nuclear decommissioning

TWI - Underwater Laser Cutting An Application Technology for Dismantling and Size Reduction of Irradiated Nuclear Structures

March 2014

TWI - New developments in laser cutting for nuclear decommissioning

January 2014

TWI - Parameter Tolerance Evaluation when Laser Cutting in Decommissioning Applications

TWI - Safety Case First Experimental Report

October 2013

TWI - Development of Multi-Skin Cutting Techniques - Phase 1: Preliminary Study

September 2013

TWI - Fibre delivered laser beams - an alterantive cost effective decommisioning technology

June 2013

TWI - Underwater Laser Cutting - Phase 1

May 2013

TWI - Development of 'Gouge' Cutting Techniques - Phase 1 Preliminary Study

March 2013

TWI - Laser Cutting Performance as a Function of Optical Fibre Diameter


The following videos are available for download. When using these videos, please credit the LaserSnake project.

LaserSnake2 Progress

A World First - Laser Cutting for Nuclear Decommissioning at Sellafield - November 2016

Download YouTube

Laser Cutting Trials at TWI - May 2016

Download YouTube

Laser Cutting Trials at TWI - Feb 2016

Download YouTube

TWI - Underwater cutting with laser

Download YouTube

TWI - David Willets (Minister of State for Universities and Science) visits TWI

Download YouTube

Partner Technology

OC Robotics - Snake-arm 101

Download YouTube

TWI - Pipe Cutting with Laser

Download YouTube

LaserSnake Feasibility Study

Original LaserSnake Feasibility Study Overview