Snake-Arm Simulator

Download Snake-Arm Simulator for free and control your own snake-arm robot through our simulated environments! We challenge you to find and reach all the targets!

Snake-Arm Simulator is an introduction to OC Robotics' snake-arm technology, and is the industry-standard software used to simulate, analyze, specify and plan the deployment of the Explorer range of snake-arm robots.

Note: a joypad is not required to play with Snake-Arm Simulator. In addition to Xbox and Thrustmaster joypads, you can also use your keyboard and mouse!

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Introduction video

Your own environment

Snake-Arm Simulator features a range of different arm sizes from the Explorer Catalogue and multiple example environments. If you want to get your environment, tools or bespoke arms into our powerful software, then simply send us a request.

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Having trouble installing Snake-Arm Simulator? Read our Installation Guide and FAQ for help.


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